Hi, I currently have the Fashionista theme on my blog, however, I seem to be having issues with my feed not working. I’ve read around that it may be the theme I’m currently using that isn’t supporting my feed. Is this true? I use Aweber account as my subscriber base the feed I once used is no longer validating as http://feeds.feedburner.com/MyFashionE-mallBlog.

I never seemed to have issues prior to using the Fashionista Athemes theme for my blog at http://www.myfashionemallblog.net.

Any suggestions, recommendations, advice etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


it seems your feed url contain error http://prntscr.com/7eswbn

Hi Awan,

Yes, I’m aware of that…do you know how to fix it? Please advise. Thanks!

I am sorry, I can’t do nothing because this is out of the forum topic :slight_smile: