Features & options Missing

In Customizer

The feature to define if in the featured image in the article is shown or not.

The text is given as "
The blog layout can use either small featured images or large featured images. Select your desired option below. "

But there is no option for it !

Also there are lot of features missing for customizer.

If added it could be even more better than MOESIA and MOESIA Pro.

Ability to change the color of the title of the various texts in different area’s is also need as its missing.

Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, that description has no purpose there, it’s there by mistake. We’ll see about adding more features in the next updates.

Mention not, I look forward to it. This theme has great potential. As if you can see i have customized according to my needs. This could be great for individual’s.
I’ll like to be in touch with the development of it and also would like to promote it.

Thanks for asking, I would really like to contribute from my site.
Well I’ve been using athemes themes for a while, they are great and the best one which I liked was SweetHeat, minimum yet powerful. it was the Copy of Moesia though, believe me it still feels like that. Well anyhow the awesome is sweet as its name. In my opinion features of all athemes themes could be brought under one theme that’s would be sweet heat. These days many people do ask me that what should it be in a theme, well I say themes should be as powerful as codecanyons’s Be Theme, power yet different in all aspects.
Being a free theme sweetheat has capability, its upon its developer, how much he wants his theme to flourish. Moesia was the best update date one which I have been using.
Themes should be made such that it hardly takes any config from the user end side.
People are lazy you know, they want to get the best things in the easiest way.
SweetHeat could be another one who can reach heights. Just it needs to be fluid, fast, attractive, profolitotic ( imaginary word ), fast and efficient yet powerful like any other themes out there.

Thank you for your feedback. We’ll take what you said into consideration for future updates.

Not sure what you mean about Sweetheat being a copy of Moesia though. It is using the same system for front page building since it’s also a business theme, but it would be a bit silly to do it otherwise.