Features etc

On the core insights page I’m trying to sell my book reports. What options are there to build a kind of shop/online store and how do I do this. I can’t seem to work out how to get this page to stop hyperlinking to the Athene’s page.

I was hoping to get my online store to look a bit like http://themes.kadencethemes.com/pinnacle-premium-2/ I know you guys offer different templates but if you can offer some guidance it would really be appreciated.

The second question is what options do you have for the blog page. I’m wanting it to look more like a online news page. With sliders/videos/most read column/different sections. Does your theme offer the ability to do something like this? Or can I add in a third party theme concurrently with yours to get around it?

Lastly my employees. I have written a write up for each one of them but I see nowhere to “click it” and have it display the writing.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated