Featured video image is not displaying correctly on home page


On my front page I have the three most recent blog posts displayed. When I use a featured video instead of an image, the thumbnail (if that’s the right word) is the same height as the full-sized video.


If you click on the video to play it (see the post “How to Do Supported Headstand Video”, which should remain on my home page until Monday), the size is perfect…aside from the large black bars above and below it.

[Note that I’m only referencing the featured video thumbnail size for the home page]

Thanks for your help. I hope that I won’t have to bug you for anything else for a while!


You are using a plugin to use videos instead of images. Does it not allow to set the height parameter for that iframe?

Thanks for replying, Vlad. I had tried everything I could think of with the plugin’s settings before starting this thread, but nothing seemed to work (there weren’t that many options). Wasn’t sure if it was something that could have been related to the theme…

Anyway, I went back and removed the video altogether, cleared the cache, and then re-added it back in, which seemed to work. fingers crossed!

My issue appears to be resolved. Thanks!