Featured Product icons and Text Typer

I love this theme! Any ideas how I change the featured product icons in terms of colour, icon and size?

Also - I am having trouble customised the animated text in the text typer - the animated text is grey and there doesn’t seem to be an option for this which seems weird because there are a lot of options so I feel like I’m missing it.

Update - I worked out the colour as its the customizer main site colour.


Actually, there aren’t options for the things you’re asking. It’s easy to do though with some CSS in a custom CSS plugin:

.featured-product-area .fpa-symbol {
      font-size: 18px;
      height: 30px;
      width: 30px;
.typed-element {
      color: #bdcad2;

The above are the defaults. Customize as needed.
For the icons, pick one here and we can also change it with a bit of CSS.

Thank you! Yet another awesome response!

The typer worked perfectly but the icon doesn’t change. ;(

What exactly doesn’t change about the icon? Can you show me a link to your site please?

Hi Vlad. It’s here - http://warmwinterarts.com/new/

Your site is under maintenance. Can’t see it :slight_smile:

Sorry Vlad - I revealed it - I only just started on it.

It doesn’t actually work the way you’ve added it. You need to copy that code exactly as I’ve posted it and alter the sizes.

Then, to change to that happy icon which I assume is what you’re trying to do, add this too please:

.fpa-symbol .icon-lightbulb:before {
    content: "\e05b";

Thanks Vlad. I have no idea how I pasted it wrong.