Featured posts- wrong size and post carousel issue

my site is: http://mamawozibardziej.pl and I don’t know which size should be the featured images in “slider” on the homepage. Could you tell me which size should be this images? I’ve tried 1200x850 and others. Maybe I broke it?
Next question is about post carousel - there is empty section - why it’s happening?

I’ll apreciate your help.

Bes Regards

Hello Kasia,

Thank you for contacting us.

It looks like your site isn’t available for public access yet. This situation prevents me to see your site and troubleshoot the issue’s running on there. Is there any other way for me to access it?



sorry for the inconvenience! The site is available now, please take a look.

Best Regards,

Hello there,

I noticed there are some P tags inside the entry items. I am not sure why it happen. The below CSS code should fix the unnecessary empty spaces.

.sticky-posts-blocks p {
  margin-bottom: 0;

In order to get the optimum final image scaling, your original image size shouldn’t be less than 380px width and 250px height.



Your CSS fixed sticky posts, thank you.

Additionally thanks to your CSS I figured out how to get rid of the empty slide in owl-carousel:

.owl-carousel .owl-item {
min-height: 0px!important;}

.owl-carousel .owl-item p {display: none;}

All fixed now, thanks!

You’re welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.