Featured images not showing

Hello! I’m from Portugal. I’ve recently instaled Alizee to use with my website, but the featured images from my articles just keep not showing. I’ve checked the options for the featured image to be shown, but unfortunatelly, they just keep not showing. Is there anything I can change, or anything you can help me with? Thank you, just loved theme and would like to keep, but with the featured images shown. my website link is nevesdev.com


Your issue is not with the theme. You have a plugin that sets the width and height of the images to 1px. Disable that plugin and you’ll be alright.

Thank you. Is now working properly.

I have the same problem. Can you help me out? How can I find out if I have a plugin that interrupting from my feature images to be displayed in the front page? I have feature images on each of my posts but won’t show. How can I fix this?

Url: intl-design.org