Featured images does not show on pages

Hello again,

Featured images does not show on pages. It showed automatically when I was using Alizee Pro.

One example is: http://www.thinkingoftravel.com/abbreviations-acronyms-in-the-travel-trade/

Many thanks in advance!


Sorry for the delay. Featured images on pages aren’t included in the theme for now, mostly because it seems that people don’t use them.

Is that something that can be included in future versions or a paid version where I can customize the footer text as well?

We will have a paid version soon.

We will include the featured image on pages for the version that will go live on wp.org. Meanwhile you can add it yourself, it’s really easy. Go to the Editor, open content-page.php and add this right between <article id… and <header…:

<?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) : ?>
<div class="entry-thumb">
	<?php the_post_thumbnail('newsanchor-large-thumb'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Thanks Vlad,

It worked like a charm!