Featured image will appear on my posts but not my pages

Hi I sm using the Sydney Theme (free version at this stage am considering upgrading to premium) however for some reason when I add a featured image to a Page it will not appear. There is no drama getting the same feature to work on my Posts but for some reason I’m not having any luck with my Pages. I was trying to add a featured image to my 'About" page at www.wrapitbyrach.info/about but for some bizarre reason it simply will not appear no matter how many times I update it. I’ve tried everything including removing the image and trying another. It only seems to be occurring with Pages rather than Posts as I attempted the same thing on another Page and the same issue arose then too. I’m sure there is something simple that I’m missing but I’ve made every troubleshooting attempt that I know of with no success. Could someone take a look and find what I’m missing? My site is www.wrapitbyrach.info and if you require any login details please let me know and I will forward them in a private email. Thanks, Rachael

Hello there,

Pages don’t display featured image on Sydney (free version) and it isn’t considered as an issue to resolve. But, it is only available on the pro version which can be enabled from page template under the Page Attributes option.