Featured image (thumbnail)

The thumbnail is much too large. How can I reduce the size like this ?

And can I automatically give the featured image? I mean, I don’t need to upload images again. So, the featured image taking of the first image from the post.


can you please share a link to your site for us to have a look?

Also can you tell us what size of featured image do you want ?

To auto select the first image of the blog as the featured image, you can try this plugin.

I just want the homepage structured like this

this is my site


The image doesnt make much sense to me about the thumbnail sizes. But it has another annotation which says if you can remove the tags. I am going to answer that

You can remove the tags by adding the following css into the child theme’s style.css or by using some custom css plugin.

.tags-links {
    display: none;

oh thanks, i’ll try it.