Featured Image Sizing

Is there an easier way to change the size of the featured image on the home screen? As in without having to go into the stylesheet? I’m worried about breaking the blog.


My website is www.cynthiacmintz.com


The stylesheet will not break your site, so dont worry about it :slight_smile:
To adjust the size of the featured image, you can add the stylesheet code below into: Customize > Additional CSS.

.entry-thumbnail img {
    width: 100%;


Piggybacking on this topic, since I’m having the same issue (http://sanfranista.me)—adding that custom CSS didn’t change the image size on the main page. Is there anything else I can try?

Hi there,

The custom CSS code in above are used to make the featured image of the post to displayed full width. I’ve tried to implement the code in above into your site and its worked. http://prntscr.com/fvhm1w


Ah, I realize I misspoke- the width is fine, but I’m trying to increase the maximum allowed height. Most of my images are in portrait orientation, so I’m only seeing a small horizontal slice of the images. Thank you!