Featured image size

Hi there,
I’m pretty new to wordpress and Fashionistas, so bear with me as I am not very technical!

I want to know if there is an optimum size for the featured image? What shows up at hte top of each blog is perfect, but on the homepage the images are all cut-down to a specific shape and size.

I would like to find a straightforward way to ensure that the image on the home-page is the same as the image at the top of the blog…
page is www.mysundaebest.com
ANy tips much appreciated.

Hi M

By default the theme is fetching a cropped image for home page and the original one for the home page.

To get the image in blog page same as the home page you need to do the following changes.

Find the file content-single.php and in line number 21 which reads like the below

<div class="entry-thumbnail">
    <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>

change it to

<div class="entry-thumbnail">
    <?php the_post_thumbnail( 'thumb-featured' ); ?>

and save the file and you are done.

Please make these changes using a child theme, so that you dont loose this changes on updating the theme

Thanks Matty, this is helpful. Unfortunately I am very new to wordpress and not very technical… and haven’t yet learned about creating a child theme. I see you’ve added a link for how to do that, so I’ll see if I can manage it without ruining my whole site!

All the best with that :slight_smile:


Is it possible to resize the homepage featured image size (i.e. make it full size) using only CSS?

I’m having trouble creating a Child Theme.

Thank you!



Hi Catherine,

I just checking your site and the feature image already has full width. Did you already solve it? http://prntscr.com/8kjf0e

Hi Awan,

Is there a way to make it longer as well? So I could have the image in portrait/landscape/square depending on its size?





Accordingly to the content wrapper of your site, currently your image featured has the best max resolution (widht-height).

if you want to make the feature image more longer, I suggest you to increase the width of the content wrapper also. So, you feature image still can fit the best size of resolution.

add this css code below using custom css plugin:

#top-navigation .container, header#masthead, #main .container, #main-navigation, .site-footer .container {
    width: 85%;

.entry-thumbnail img {
    width: auto;