Featured Image Size


When I select a featured image, it does not fit the entire space of the image location. What size does the image need to be to fit flush and not have a shadow? I have tried multiple images to make sure its not the image.

You can see the problem here: www.entresuccessproject.com

Thanks for your help!


Hello, I just check you site and I don’t see what’s your problem on the site. can you provide the screenshot here?


Sorry for the delay in response. I was out of town. Please see the screen shot of the image. There is a large black shadow to the right and above the image.

I don’t see a link to attach the screenshot. Can you please advise? Sorry I am still learning.


Here is a link to the screeen

Hi, sorry but there is no link in your replies


This should work, sorry. There is a large black space to the side of the featured image pic that is not part of the original pic. What size should the featured image pics be spaced at?

Hi, you can try to add this code below using custom css plugin:

img {
  vertical-align: middle !important;