Featured image size on blog page


Really enjoying the theme, but I would like to change the features image size as they appear on the blog roll page. They are currently large and entered above the title of each post, I’d like to make them thumbnails and to the left of the title and excerpt.

Can you help?


do you have a URL to your site?

I’ve been playing a little and have managed to align the image left, but still can’t find where to change the size.


There is simple ways to add images to the post and arrange the position of the image within the text (https://ithemes.com/tutorials/adding-images-in-wordpress/). But it would not displayed as featured image.

if you still want to use the featured image and change the default setting of how the featured image should displayed, you have to create a child theme first to make it worked.

I have added images within the posts, but I particularly want a featured image so it appears of the blog roll page with the excerpt and on the carousel on my home page.

I have now created a child theme, can you please advise how I adjust the size ONLY on the following page? I managed to change the size and position of the featured images, but it changed them across all pages.

Many thanks

Okay, here is the steps:

  1. copy file content.php from the parent theme to your child theme
  2. open and edit the content.php in the child theme
  3. change this line: <div class="entry-thumb">
    to <div class="entry-thumb alignleft">
  4. change this line: <?php the_post_thumbnail('sydney-large-thumb'); ?>
    to <?php the_post_thumbnail('sydney-small-thumb'); ?>

Hi, Awan; I’m interested in doing the same thing and followed these instructions exactly, however, they didn’t work. Double checked the file in the child theme and I think it’s right:

<?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() && ( get_theme_mod( ‘index_feat_image’ ) != 1 ) ) : ?>
<div class=“entry-thumb alignleft”>
" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"><?php the_post_thumbnail(‘sydney-small-thumb’); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Any suggestions? Thank you.
Staging site: http://thedogladysden.wpstagecoach.com/blog