Featured image on pages too big


Dear Developers (Vlad) :),

I have set the featured image size to small in the appearance/customization page and it displays correctly for posts. For pages though, it is huge.

Is there a way around this?

Many thanks!


Not really sure what you mean. Could you post a link?

The option there referrs to image sizes on the blog index, not on single posts or pages if that is what you’re asking.


Ah, that may be what I am asking.

Here’s where the page lives: teszt.peterfabri.co.uk – I use this to try out different settings before I implement them on my live site.

So if you check the homepage with the default post you can see that the featured image is nicely sized and on the left-hand side of the content. But if you click on the sample page where I set the same featured image, it’s on top of the content and much too big.

… so the featured image size in the options is for the index only and has nothing to do with this?

Many thanks,


Correct, that option refers only to the index.


… and do you know if/how could one set a featured image for a page to appear in a similar fashion to how it appears on a post?

It isn’t strictly related to moesia, I know… sorry.


Exactly the same. You also need to activate it from Customize > Single posts/pages > Check this box to show featured images on pages


Ah, merci beaucoup!


Hmm… I have enabled that option but the image still displays as it did beforehand.

It there anything else I could try to make it appear on the left as a nice, small image just like it is next to a post?

Many thanks,


I’m confused. Were you not asking about single pages before?

Let’s go through this again:

  • the small images option only works for the blog index;
  • single posts and single pages only display the images (big images) on top of everything else, in case you activate the options to display them;
  • if you’re not pleased with them being too big on single posts and single pages, than simply deactivate the checkboxes I told you about before so they won’t show up;
  • if you choose not to display featured images, you can simply add your images straight into your post or page and resize it to whatever size makes you happy.


Dear Vlad!

Many thanks for your patience on this. I think I simply misunderstood the purpose of featured images, it is much clearer now.

I have to say that support here on aThemes is outstanding. Even though I don’t really need the extra features of the Pro version I’m going to buy it. Simply because I am so pleased with the level of support you guys provide. I’m a non-profit, so I might only go ahead next month but I am certainly buying it.

Many-many thanks!


We aim to please :slight_smile: