Featured Image Help

Hi I am having a small problem. I want to display the featured image only on the homepage and not at the top of the post. How can I do this. I am using the affiliate button. Also when I added a picture as the featured image it cut part of it out. I wanted to have my logo show in the corner of the image and don’t want it to be cropped out on the homepage. I am new to website building, first try, so any help is greatly appreciated. My site is vapespin.com. Again brand new!



Wanted to also add that my featured pictures are not showing up in the sidebar widget under featured posts like the demo does. Can you help me fix this as well?

One more problem. The carousel slider is only showing 4 images when I have it set to 8. The arrows don’t show up to slide.


  • You can add this to a custom CSS plugin to hide the image on single posts and center the button:

.single-thumb {
   display: none;
.single .button-container {
   width: 100%;
   margin: 0 auto;
   display: table;

I’m sorry, the image cropping is set in a file that you should not modify if you’re inexperienced.

  • You’re using the default recent posts widget. Use the one marked with areview.
  • I see the arrows. Is this fixed?

Thanks for your help. I will add the code and let you know. The carousel is working now!


bei mir ist das Problem, dass auf meiner Seite (http://www.caze.de/wordpress) gar kein Carousel erscheint…

Ich hab schon einiges versucht, bin aber noch nicht dahinter gekommen was ich falsch mache oder vergessen habe.

Könnten Sie mir weiterhelfen?

Vielen Dank

Eine Bewertung der Arbeiten ist nicht zwingend Notwendig. Ich hätte gern nur eine Auswahl an Bildern oben im Carousel.

I had the same issue re: not wanting to display featured images. The .single-thumb CSS didn’t work for me, but this did:

.attachment-post-thumbnail {
display: none;