Featured image appears above post in single post pages

Awan, sorry to bother again, but look at this:
The Featured Image appears above the post.
How can I remove the image at the top?

A related Q: I dont want the text of the post to wrap around the first image.
I would like the text of the post to start below the image.
I dont understand why this happens here.
I have other Wrodpress installations with other themses in which this does not happen.

About “The Featured Image appears above the post.” you can remove this “Feature image” from the post. http://prntscr.com/9bpgh9

And sorry, I dont understand your last question in above. Can you explain?

Yes, I know. You dont understand.
I need the featured image to display a grid of images in another page.
The thumbnail grid plugin uses the featured images.
No featured image, no grid!!!

I have never encountered this problem.
The featured image should not be displayed in the post.
Specially not above the title. It looks ugly and weird.
And of course it duplicates the image already present in teh post!
The featured image is there for other plugins to use it.
Look here for example: http://livejazzlounge.com/concert-dates/2010s/2015/11/30/kaja-draksler-umea-jazz-festival-sweden-october-2014/
No problem at all!
I thought this was common sense.

Thanks for your help.

There must be something I can add to avoid displaying the featured image in teh actual post. It does not make any sense, and no other theme I have encountered does this.

I am very close to finish. I promise!



I Just checking back your site, especially for this page http://testsite.livejazzlounge.com/2015/12/05/stefano-bollani-trio-nefertiti-gothenburg-march-2010/

I think you already fix this?

No, not at all. Remember this is a test site. I am only testing things here. The content is provisory.

That particular post did not have any featured image.
Please look again:

You see? The problem is severe. Featured images must not be displayed in teh post. Any other theme has handled this.

Please help me to remove the featured image for the actual post.
I would like to go online very soon.

Okay, try this css code please:

.entry-thumb {
    display: none;

This worked!