Featured Content Slider


first of all, thanks a lot for this great theme and the great support in the forum (I have used it for looking up several things already). But now I am stuck and can’t fix it easy with my limited php knowledge.

The thumbnail size is a different one than the one for the featured image. How do I solve this?
Furthermore, when I have several images for my blog post, I want a slide show, that shows itself in the featured image thumbnails and also in the featured image area when clicking on the blog post.
To understand what I mean: http://malteniepel.com/2015/04/05/a-trip-to-the-zoo/
I want the slider above my post, at the featured image height and size.

Thanks a bunch!

Hi, actually you don’t need php knowledge for that you can learn that from WordPress codex.

Your question is outside the scope of free support and you should contact aThemes for modification price because it requires extensive theme modification.

If I understood you correctly, making slides from content is not so easy if you want it to work fluently.

For single blog post intro thumbnail can be modified with CSS, and I can help you with that. In your theme folder, file content-single.php is for displaying single posts. Check this image to get clue how to pull entry thumb into content.

Also, post thumbnails can be set from functions.php, you can read here more about that.

Thanks a lot for the fast response!