Feature Images Not Showing up In Testimonials

On the Moesia Demo, it shows small thumbnails in the testimonials section, but it’s just showing text on our site. We created the custom post with the feature image category, and still nothing. What am I missing? Thanks! www.burrellmediagroup.com

Looking at the code on your site, it doesn’t seem that you’ve actually added the photos for the clients. You simply add a new Testimonial and if you scroll down you’ll see an option called Client Photo.

Not sure what you mean about the featured images, there aren’t any featured images for the Testimonials, just the client photo uploader.

Also, you’re using the wrong social widget on your home page, you need to use the one called Moesia FP: Social Profile.

Fixed the social media button, but i’m still not seeing a client uploader option. I created the custom post type, and the only option i had as far as photos went was to “allow thumbnails” which creates the ability to have a featured image. Just like on the projects page, it pulls the featured image, so I was just going off of previous experience with the feature image. The testimonials are pulling the text from the post, but I don’t see anywhere for a client picture to be uploaded.

Why exactly are you creating the custom post type manually? All you need to do is import in the Types plugin the xml settings file which you can find in the documentation. That will automatically add the custom fields for that post type (and also create the rest of the custom post types), which are client position and client photo.

Oh, I see. I didn’t actually refer to this site until i started having some issues. I just figured out how to do them manually and since the projects page worked, I just continued on creating them. This was much easier! haha. Thanks!