Favicon not changing. Bug or my mistake?


I uploaded an favicon from Customize - General - Upload favicon, and now I have another one and I want to modify BUT WHEN i Upload, save and publish, nothing happens. I waited days an nor response. When I go and try to upload again, it shows like the new icon is there already…but it isn’t. Is it a bug or how can I fix this?


Hi Lorellay,

This is the favicon I see: http://imgur.com/fjGc0wL

Is that the right one?

Nice site by the way.


Hi Charlie.
Thank you, nice to hear you liked it!
No, that is the favicon that Im trying to replace. Even after i upload a new one it still appears this one… I just don’t know what to do… I hate that one, it looks so ugly…


Can you please create a new admin account and email the details to charlie[at]athemes.com and I’ll have a look.