Fashionistas not supported in the future?

Hello, I have been using this theme for for a while. I like it because of the menu option and numerous page designs… With customization, I have made it my own.
I am in the middle of rebuilding my website again, as it was deleted when I switched hosts.

So I had a bit of hard time finding the theme again, as it was not on your main page.
I found it. However, does this mean you discontinuing it? Are you no longer updating the theme?
If so, what is the most similar theme to Fashionistas?


First thanks for using our Fashionistas theme!

We will keep the theme compatible with WordPress but we don’t have plans for big updates/improvements. If you are rebuilding your website again, my suggestion is use our Sydney theme.

Sydney is our main theme with 100.000+ active installations. We are always working on new updates/improvements (normally one update per month). Also, the theme comes with 16 ready Starters Demos that you can import with one click. But please note that in the free version only 3 of these starters are free.

You can learn more about Sydney here:

We hope this helps and clarify!

Let us know if you have more questions.

Kind Regards,


aThemes Support

Yes, it is clear. As long as you keep the Wordpress updates, then I will continue to use Fashionista since I know it. It is excellent. It could be slightly amended through colour themes and the option to remove the black background…