FAQ Page not displaying correct information


I am working on Sydney 1.34. Our website is live. We have an FAQ page that is displaying content that is on our main page and is not displaying the FAQ information. I am not sure how to correct this so it shows the correct information.

The website link is below.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Rosie,

How did you compose your FAQ? Could you please explain it in details, so I can try to reproduce it on my test site? If you use a special plugin, please share its download link.


Hello Kharis,

ON FAQ page you are using Sydney FP: Services type B widget from Sydney theme. Not any additional plugin.
It is set to display services with a slug faq.

FAQs are constructed as services – each as a separate service each in FAQ category with a slug faq.

On our main page you use Sydney FP: Services type A widget (again from Sydney theme) that displays services with slug our-services, as well as Sydney FP: Services type B widget that displays services with slug addon. Both those plugin on the front page work fine and don’t change what they display spontaneously – only the Sydney FP: Services type B widget on FAQ page does weird stuff.


Hi Rosie,

Thank you for explaining this further. As I still can’t reproduce your case on my test site, I can’t provide you any working solution yet. I need to inspect it directly from your dashboard area. Would you mind sharing me the working login credentials to your site admin (/wp-admin)? You could send them to kharisblank@gmail.com and mention the link to this thread.