FAQ broke with WP 4.4 update

FAQ is loading but not showing up in the jQuery based accordion style that holds the post formatting. Its loading as a list of blog posts basically.


Somehow my FAQ plugin broke when I updated to WP 4.4 this week. I tried other FAQ plugins that have the accordion style and they do not work either. If i switch to the newest version of Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Fourteen Themes they work fine. Was not sure if I should ask you guys or the FAQ plugin guys what to do. I typically use WP Awesome FAQ but I also tried Arconix FAQ.

I would be happy to purchase the PRO version if needed.

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I’m afraid there is a permalink conflict. I noticed that http://stevewooton.com/faq/ is not your FAQ page (as what has been supposed to be), but it’s an archive of “FAQ” custom post type.

The post type slug of the WP Awesome FAQ Plugin plugin is “faq”. So, the page with the “faq” permalink slug won’t work (if the default permalink setting has been changed).

As a solution, try to edit your FAQ page slug, e.g. our-faq

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Wow that worked perfect thank you much!

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Glad to know that worked for you.

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.

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