Facts without numeric values


Hi Vlad,
I want to use the facts widget but the values should be text/characters. If I write some text, the value “0” appears on the screen. HTML-Code in the value field also doesnt fix it. Is there a way to show a text as a value?
Thank you!


I would welcome this as well please!


That’s because whatever you’re inputting there is sanitized for security reasons, so if you don’t enter a number it turns the text into 0.

So you would basically need to overwrite the widget from a child theme and remove the sanitization. It’s not very easy to do if you’re not familiar with PHP, WP widgets and child theming.


Hi Vlad,
thx for the quick answer.
Unf. I am not able to write that child theme, so it looks like I have to wait until the service categories will come as with this I wont need thes fact feature :slight_smile:
@Neil: Let me know if you are able to write that child theme… maybe we can share :slight_smile:


Thanks Vlad, thanks Lisa. Sadly that’s beyond my capability, but I appreciate the thought Lisa, and the quick and thorough reply Vlad. Greetings from the UK