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I am using the Perth Pro for a Church website and need to know how to edit the following:

    Remove the Facts Value (all the numeric values in that row) if possible - it is of no value to us to use it, don't even know what it is for! :-)
    Add a live link to the "Our Mission", "Core Values", "What We Believe", "Countries" if possible.

Since I have not been able to figure that out - other than I believe the php template and css would need to be changed and I don’t want to mess it up, I tried to accomplish a similar layout using a 3 column row with a text widget - however I loose the cool oval hover option on it - I would like to keep that if possible.

I would like to keep using the facts row if we can remove the numeric value and provide a live link to the About HGWC page - if not, then the text row would be fine but would there be a way to keep the oval hover and to make the title white on it and on the Connect row as well?

    I would also like to change the sidebar to one solid bar without the individual blocks showing - just the text on the solid background.
    The Crely Slider does not allow me to change sliders on individual pages which I was under the impression I could do that. See Connect page, it is told to use the slider "fellowship" yet is still shows the slider for the main page.
    The Latest News B carousel slider does not work, it looks just like the regular one

Other than that everything seems to be great. Client loves the site. Just need help with a few of these tweaks. I am not advanced enough in my php or css skills to know for certain I am doing the right thing and don’t want to mess it up and have to start afresh.

Thank you,

Tracy Mattox - on behalf of Danielle VanDahlen


Anyone have any thoughts??? Would really like some help please.



Sorry for late response.

currently there is no option to add a link to the title of fact items, you need to make an advance modification to enable this. Then to remove the fact value, you can use the following css code:

.fact-value {
    display: none;

For the sidebar, you can use these css code:

div#secondary {
    background-color: white;
div#secondary .widget {
    border: none;

Yeah, currently there is no option for the crelly slider to have different slide in different pages.

Then for the latest news B, you can manage it from the page builder http://prntscr.com/9mn3xa



Oh boy! That did not work and I tried to get back to the original css sheet but take a look please at what the site is doing now! I don’t know where it is pulling in the sidebar on the front page now since I went back to the original css! HELP PLEASE!!

I had implemented the css changes you outlined above - facts value turned off but I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to place the code for the sidebar so I put it at the end of the #content code, this mess is what ended up happening!

I thought - no problem I will just upload the original css and everything should be good but NOPE! So I updated the theme hoping it would help because I had been trying to us a child theme so when we do updates to the Perth Pro it won’t affect the changes. Now I have a mess and I am not sure how to fix it. Can you please help?



I just checking back your site and now your site is not good on displaying the contents.
Where did you put the css code above? If you are using child theme, you should place the code in style.css or you can also use simple custom css plugin.

Can you tell me what files that you changed?


After discovering I needed to create a child theme. I downloaded the child themeify plugin to create a child theme named perth-pro-ii-child.

I then changed the child theme’s style.css as noted below:

  1. first thing I changed was the original child theme’s style.css
    a) I changed the .fact are adding the code you gave me:
    .fact-value {
    display: none;
    b) removed the code for the .fact-value that was originally in the child theme’s style.css
  2. Then I added the code below to the #Content area (was not sure where that was supposed to go since I could not find code referring to the sidebar and you did not indicate where to put it):
    div#secondary {
    background-color: white;
    div#secondary .widget {
    border: none;
  3. I updated the child theme’s style.css and this is what happened.

Upon seeing the problem and getting a note that the child theme was broken, I deleted the child theme and was hoping with those files deleted, the parent theme’s style.css would override the changes - it did not! I did not change the parent style.css.

I made sure via my file manager that all the child theme files were deleted from the server and they are. I noticed when I created the child theme that I got a notice that an update for the parent theme was available. Knowing that updating the parent theme might resolve the issue I updated to the newer version, however it did not resolve the problem.

All the pages are fine except for the home page - for some reason the sidebar now shows up on the home page now and I cannot figure out how or why since the original style.css is active on the site. It is the second code that screwed it up - I don’t understand why it won’t revert back cause that stylesheet I changed is no longer on the servers! I can’t figure it out. Does not make sense to me. The home page looks good in the editor. It is just now the theme adds the sidebar in on the home page and it should not. I appreciate any help you can give us. Thank you!


SUCCESS!!! I figured it out! On the Front Page, the Page Attributes got changed to Default Template instead of Front Page - when I noticed that and changed it - everything was restored! YAY!

So now, I will create a Child Theme and then edit the child theme’s style.css. Can you please direct me to the correct spot for me to add the second code for the sidebar to be one solid bar and not blocks? Normally, the css would call out for a sidebar wouldn’t it? I know how to edit css but sometimes I am not 100% sure where to put code unless it is pretty clear like the fact code was.

Thank you!


Ok never mind the question above - figured it out too!

Last question, I want to remove the blue border around the facts - how can I do that?

I would also like the sheet to line up with the end of the sidebar if that is possible - it may not be so that would be ok.

Is there anything else relating to the child theme I should be aware of? It is my understanding that now when the Perth Pro updates, the changes made in the child style.css will remain unaffected - correct?


Great! happy to hear that you can solve the issue :smiley:

Okay, here is the css code to remove the blue border of the facts:

.fact {
    border: none;

yeah correct! when you update the theme, your modified files in your child theme will not replaced.