Facts widget displays decimal point after latest Sydney update

I updated Sydney today but now the facts widget is showing numbers with decimal places at the end; as in 2668.00 instead of 2668.

There is now support for decimals in the facts but it should only during loading or if you set it that way. What’s your site address please?

Unfortunately the site is not yet live, I’m using a local host. And when I go to edit the widget I don’t see anything about number format.

No there isn’t a setting for the number format, it just displays decimals if you add them to the number field.
Not sure what’s happening in your case, it should function like on the demo site: http://demo.athemes.com/sydney/#pg-8-4
Try re-adding your fact numbers.

I set all the numbers to 0, saved, then reset them to the proper numbers and saved again but it’s still showing the decimal places.

The contact info widget issue is resolved. I forgot to close a link code in a widget above the footer.

I guess the only way this could happen is if your language’s (browser language) standard is to display decimals by default. The current code formats the fact number to the visitor’s standard in order to properly add commas and full stops where they’re needed.
I suppose we can add an option to disable this autoformatting if it’s causing issues, though this is the only case I’ve seen so far.

They were displaying properly before and I don’t think any settings have been changed. At this point I think I’ll just wait to see how it looks tomorrow morning. Thank you for your time, I’ll let you know.

Hi Vlad,
It’s still displaying the decimal points. I’m thinking of either deleting this widget then setting up a new one, or just doing the same layout with a text widget (or 2) but I wanted to check in with you first. Thanks again for your time on this.


Yeah you can copy the whole HTML for the widget and use it in a text widget until we handle this.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think the best way will be to have a predefined set of a few locales, like en, fr, br whatever. This way the results will be consistent for every site visitor. For example, like I mentioned in the other topic, I wasn’t seeing the decimals on those users sites but if the site admin sets the autoformatting to en, everybody will see it the same regardless of browser settings.

Edit: the suggestion is no longer there :slight_smile:

Wait, where can I get the html for the widget? I was going to type it all in.

I took out the suggestion because I wasn’t sure if would actually solve the problem. haha I do have a question about your solution though… Would that setting necessarily cover number display? There is much about this kind of thing I don’t know so please forgive me if that’s a stupid question.

Here’s the one from the demo site: https://gist.github.com/vlad706/735b07cdc66ff46c259b0d9db3f4e2bc

I tried the code but everything came up as 0.00 (probably because I tried to add a category without knowing how to.) so I just used a text widget for the title then used 4 text widgets for the figures in a separate row below that one. Thank you for all your help.

What is the Widget Class and the CSS Styles.
Thank You

Mattc65- I did not add any additional coding.

Vlad- I now have a bigger issue but I don’t know if it should be a new topic… two rows (and their widgets) have completely disappeared from my front page. And just in time for the big meeting to show off the new site… EDIT: Correction- One widget still shows up on the page editor but does not display on the page itself. The other is indeed completely gone.

I assume some action was taken in order to make them disappear.
Try getting them back using the page builder’s revisions. It’s the History button next to the add row/widget buttons.

It doesn’t display the same visually as the page so I can’t be sure what’s what, and it seems to only go back a few hours, whereas the widget disappeared sometime between Friday afternoon and this morning. The thing is I didn’t delete any widgets or rows so I know I didn’t accidentally delete it instead of something else, for example. And I fixed the other widget, that one was all on me. haha

I’m not sure what to tell you, I just know they don’t delete themselves. Unless something changed in the page builder but I doubt it.
Can’t you just recreate the missing row? I don’t see another option if revisions won’t help.

That’s what I figured I would have to do. Was hoping it was due to some larger issue that was being worked on or something.
May I ask you something about services? They want me to rearrange them but as far as I can tell there is no way to specify the order of display, is that correct? Seems like I would have to delete and then re-add a service to have it display in a different spot. Within a given slug, of course.

You actually have two options: change the published date or use this if you have a lot of them.

Open new topics please for questions unrelated to the original subject.

Yes, of course. Just tried to sneak one in haha
Thank you again for your help, it is much appreciated.