Facts Widget Background

I’ve tried a custom color background (the gray color) on the facts widget background I’m using, and it seems to only be filling in 1/3 of the widget instead of the entire block. Also, I’d love to use a separate color for the fact name and fact icon, if anyone is familiar with that.

Hi again…
you can apply these css code instead:

div#pgc-49-4-1 {
    background-color: #f5f5f5;
    padding-bottom: 18px;

Hi Awan - Thanks for the response. I don’t think that worked, though… I’m still seeing the facts widget half gray and half white, as opposed to all gray. I pasted this CSS Code inside “Widget Styles” “CSS Styles”. Let me know if I should post elsewhere, or any other suggestions! Thank you!

Not in widget styles. but put it using custom css plugin