Facts On front page

Similar to social question just posted.

I cannot find the fact area to set up, i can find the widget, but nothing that allows me to set up the facts for my front page; like the demo you have.

Not really sure I understand your question. If you found the facts icon and you’ve added it, everything you need is inside it: http://snag.gy/CWfI9.jpg

Thanks Vlad. i Was able to get the facts on the sidebar but not on the home page. like you have on your demo:
(just below our team)

Did you actually configure a home page like it is shown in the documentation? Can you post a link to your website please so I can see where you’re stuck?

I believe i did… I downloaded the additional files and plugins as outlined in the documentation

Well, you didn’t :slight_smile:
Simply go to Customize > Static Front Page and select My Front Page.
If that doesn’t work (in case you deleted it or something) send me an admin account at vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll do a very quick config for you.

can you send me an email. don’t want to post my credentials


Of course you shouldn’t post your credentials, that’s why I posted my email address above so you can send them :slight_smile: I’ve sent you an email now.

It looks like you didn’t actually imported the demo content, only the settings for Types. Anyway, I did a quick config on your front page with the widgets you mentioned. See the documentation videos if you need more help and if you get stuck feel free to let me know.

Excellent, Thanks!