Facts and google

Hey :slight_smile:
Sorry to bother you… again.
I discovered that google reference the sentences from the facts with strange 0. everywhere…

SOS PC MAC.ch | Support Informatique www.sospcmac.ch/ Quelques chiffres. 0. surtaxe sur la HotLine. 0. ans d'expérience professionnelle. 0. ans d'expérience dans le support. 0. % des problèmes résolus à distance ...

Of course, the first is OK, but others are wrong…
Do you think it’s possible to change this ?



It cannot be changed because the values are actually 0’s and they are increased with jquery when the user reaches them.

I’m guessing this is showing in the description on google when you search for something, or what exactly do you mean?

Aw OK. I understand.
Yes, this is so, with some request I see this content with the 0.
“0. % of problems solved” is not a good advertisement LOL :slight_smile:

No problem.


Yeah, it’s not the best advertisment :). Only thing you could is to remove the animation so those values won’t increase from 0 when you scroll to them, they would just be the same all the time. Would you be interested in doing that?

No no I love animations your theme is really amazing for this, so it’s OK.
I’m trying an SEO to improve referencing, I’ll see what happens.