Fact numbers not working correctly across browsers


The facts section has numerical values that move like a counter as a visitor scrolls down through the site. The problem is that it doesn’t always function correctly or stop streaming at the correct number. This is problematic because I’m using the numerical field to input years and this scrolling feature leaves my visitors with a false impression.

Is there any way to disable the scrolling feature on those fact numbers so that the year appears correctly each time?

Thank you!



It’s easy to do it, it’s not that easy to do it in an update-proof way. You would need a child theme and you would need to overwrite the facts widget from that child theme.

I’m curious, in what browsers are you seeing these issues?

Hi Vlad,

I am using a child theme…and created the facts on that child theme.

I have intermittent issues with the scrolling numbers on IE, Chrome, Firefox - latest versions on all.

You haven’t created the facts on the child theme, unless you already overwritten the facts widget.

I refreshed a bunch of times in the browers you mentioned and I’m always getting these values: 2002, 2004, 2011, 2014.

Thank you. I edited the widgets manually from within the front page editor and did not manually create a script after creating the child theme. I’d like to know how to do this but am conscious of your time and effort and would like to contribute to your product in order to receive support. Is there a link where I can donate?

We don’t take donations.

I’ve written around the forums about overwriting widgets from child themes. See here. If you managed to do it let me know and I’ll show you what needs to be changed inside the widget.

When I put 10000, all the while getting 9999, 9998, 9997 in all browsers Opera, firefoh, chrome

very strange…