Extra space above menu

After getting my site to look the way I wanted it to, I logged off. When I went back into the site to do some more work, I now have a 3 inch header above the menu. I am the only one who works on the site and it was perfect when I signed off, and then signed on a couple of weeks later and extra space shows up on all pages. I am on localhost. Let me know what you need. See image below, space above menu was not there 2 weeks ago.

Hello there,

It looks like it isn’t standard Sydney header. How did you modify it? Could you please write the steps I can follow, so I could troubleshoot it here with my test site, and share the solution to you?


That is the problem, I have been working on this for 6 months, never had
this problem. Two weeks ago when I logged off, all was OK, yet when I got
on today, I did not do any work, yet it came up with this big space.

I have no problems with you logging into this site and reviewing. If so,
would you need my wordpress log in and the log in for the host site
(Dreamhost.com) ?

I do hope you can help me as I am at a complete loss as to why it was OK
and then it wasn’t. Nothing done between OK and not.

I appreciate anything you can do to help.


This is what I have documented for the header:
Header type
Front page header type - no header (only menu)
Site header type - No header (only menu)
Header slider
Stop the text slider - yes
Slider mobile behavior - full screen
header Media
Header Image - none
Header background size - contain
Header height (default: 300px) = 0
Menu Style

Is this what you need?

Hello there,

Is there any way to inspect your site directly? Maybe sharing a link privately to kharisblank@gmail.com?


I just sent the link, hopefully it is right as I had to google how to do.

I’ve just replied your email. Thanks.