Extra lines with fa-icons & lists not evenly distributed in widgets


I have just installed Sydney, and love the options and customization points. I have two problems right now:

  1. When I add a Services widget (A or B, does not matter), the fa-icon gets under the circle it should be positioned in. I checked the source: something adds extra <br>-s before and after the icon. I could not find anything that alters the php page template…

  2. When adding a Latest post widget to the front page, it lists the three latest items in a way that the second and third posts are lower and lower (by 10-20px).

I could not find anything that changes or corrects these behaviours - could someone please help me fix these?

Thank you in advance.

More info: it seems that the Sydney widgets add extra line breaks after headers and other elements as well, and that causes BOTH problems. Here is my view-source:


That’s strange. By any chance, have you disabled the Page Builder plugin after adding your widgets?
Try disabling some of your plugins (except the Page Builder), the widgets definitely don’t add line breaks.

Thank you - it worked: it was the Types plugin (that is recommended, but I’m not using it anyway) that put extra line breaks into the widget areas.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.