Expanding text excerpt in West Pro

Page in question here.

Each Excerpt is way too long, and messing up the cleanness of the rows, so I’ve limited the Max Length (amount of words) to 40. However, this becomes a problem since now my excerpts are getting cut off.

Is there a solution that allows a user to expand each excerpt sort of like this.

OR, is there a solution that allows for a pop-up that expands on the excerpt, like here, but way less complicated. More of a basic ‘hover to expand’.

Hello there,

In the staff module settings, open the Styling tab, select Excerpt. Then enable “Content” for “Content or Excerpt” option. Save changes. To create an expandable content, use this plugin. Then you can supply the staff details in the content editor and use the following shortcode format to hide the rest content:

[expand title="Show more"]more details[/expand]