Expand on the Services / provide more detail

I’ve set up the services as described, all work no problem. Now I would like to expand on these services. Ideally, I would like a pop up to provide more information. I’ve done that in one instance using the codelights popup, but is there another way I can do that, perhaps with a pop up actual page of some kind, so that the text is not so hidden? Or is there a way I can select & display a single service in a widget, so I can expand on the topic in the column next to it?

I’ve another question on icons, which I’ll put in another topic :slight_smile:


Well, to guide the user to more content you’re supposed to use the Service Link field that you can find for each service.

Or, if you want to display a single service you could create a category for that service and display only that category. But you’ll also need a bit of custom CSS so that your service will be 100% in width rather than 1/3 like it is by default.