Exclude post from main feed

Hi, please help…

Is there any way to make all paid books (posts, tagged and categorised as PAID) not to be listed on my free library (default post page)?

Thanks in advance, guys!

  • (GPOB) Elvis Metodiev

link to my website* - http://library.gpofblank.co.uk/

It might be something like “If post is tagged PAID => Exclude from main feed” I hope that’s possible to be expressed in a code.

Hello there,

Sorry for late responses.

So, you want to display only the “paid” book in http://library.gpofblank.co.uk/? please follow the steps below:

  1. create a child theme
  2. duplicate index.php from parent theme to the child theme
  3. open index.php and add the filter tag to the code which is displayed in this screenshot http://prntscr.com/9lvy6v. (red box)
    So your index.php should have these code:
    <?php if(has_tag('paid')): ?>

    <?php endif; ?>
  4. activate your child theme

Feel free to ask more help.


Thanks. Appreciate your work