Event calendar plugin and Sydney theme issue


I have installed the Event Espresso 4 Decaf plugin which seems to work just fine for other Sydney theme users per what I see on their forum and I not finding anything which general searches on the internet. For my site, I seem to have a problem with the event screen not populating the event information like the price and such. However, when I switch the theme to the WP Twenty Seventeen. It works just fine.

According to one post on the Event Espresso forum, this would be plugin versus theme incompatibility. Unfortunately, Decaf version does not allow me to post there. So I am attempting to seek guidance here. Is there something I can check in my theme settings that would be remotely relevant?

I do not wish to change the theme nor the plugin. I like the them both a lot and the use of an event calendar is the purpose of my site redesign.

I know you do not support third party plugins, any guidance would be appreciated relating to the theme.

Thank you very much in advance,


> For my site, I seem to have a problem with the event screen not populating the event information like the price and such.

Is there any live URL of that page I can see? Maybe it just a matter of CSS issue.


Unfortunately the site is not public yet and no where near it. I am very new to WordPress and fumbling my way through the customization process at a turtles pace.

However, I did create a “Subscriber” user for which I can share the login information. I will simply delete it when we are done with this post.

ID: WasiTester
Password: test1

See the page “Farm Activities”. Any of the test events have the problem.

Oh… what a dummy… here is the link:


Hello there,

I visited that page with the account you shared. I found some CSS issues over there. That might not theme compatibility problem, I am afraid. It is due to the event listing markup has its own unique structure produced by the plugin. To verify this, please try to temporarily switch to the default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen and see if the issue remains.


Quote from original post “However, when I switch the theme to the WP Twenty Seventeen. It works just fine.”

I am sorry, I missed that.

Please try adding the below extra CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from your site dashboard.

.widget_ee-upcoming-events-widget ul {
  margin-left: 0;
  padding-left: 0;
  list-style: none !important;


Unfortunately, this did not work. The page list of events seems fine. It is when I click on one of the events to open its page. For example this one:


All the variable data associated to the event is blank. See PDF file below. It contains screen shots of both themes.

Forgot the link for the PDF:

Hello there,

The data in the table is actually there, but it is invisible due to the body text color is white. It seems likely you’ve set this white color through Appearance > Customize > Colors > General > Body text. Is there any reason why it should be white?

You can set back text color in the event table by adding the below CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

.tkt-slctr-tbl {
  color: #000;

Does this resolve the problem?


I solved the issue. I am not sure why I did this but your are correct in saying that I set the font to white and since the table background is white, everything was invisible. The page uses the font parameters set under Appearance/Customize/Color/General. I changed the Body from white to something else. I am sure I will find why I made that change when I come accross the page I did it for!

Unfortunately, the code you provided had no effect on the table. I even tried changing the background color instead of the font within the same code. The page is fine the way it is now, but I will eventually want to customize the look of it. Since the code does not work where can I find the settings for this series of pages within the theme? Sorry. I am very new at Word Press and themes. I am not sure where one starts and ends.

Thank you for help. I am very happy now that I know for sure I can keep both the themes I chose and the plugin.