Errors with Sydney Theme

Hi guys,

I realize that these forums are just for the Sydney theme and NOT for related plugins, but there’s an issue with a couple of the most widely used ones that you might like to address.

First off like many others, I use Autoptimize for minification.

Then I use Foo-Gallery for the lightbox slideshow (this effect may well happen with ANY lightbox), and finally, it appears ANY ‘follow-me-on-social-networks-widget’ also has the undesired effect.

On any other website using any theme, the above three combinations run without problems.

On Sydney however, I need to turn off Autoptimize’s javascript minification and use W3TC instead, or it throws the Foo-gallery lightbox out of whack - and I need to disable any ‘Follow-Me’ button widgets, as these prevent the website from loading at all.

Normally I wouldn’t bother and move onto a theme that DOES work with the above combo - but this theme has something special about it and is worth persevering with.

Any help and guidance would be most welcome!


Thank you for the info.
I installed Autoptimize, Foobox Gallery and the Foobox lightbox plugin. The result is that I can’t get the lightbox working, meaning that it takes me to the image itself. Is this the issue you’re having?

The thing is that I see the same issue with every theme I try. The problem, as far as I can see in the code, is that Foobox tries to initialize before the main Foobox script is actually loaded, because Autoptimize moves it at the very bottom.

Can you show me one of those sites where this combination of plugin works please so I can see what’s different?

It’s not able to post as a couple of the websites are NSFW

Well, if you switch the Sydney site to a different theme for a bit and get Autoptimize active, you’ll see the same issue. At least that’s what I’m seeing. Let me know if you don’t.

I’ve continued the topic in the WordPress support forum at HERE

Actually, the solution is quite easy and it will should fix any errors related to script ordering, which again, has no relation to the theme.

If you go to the Autoptimize settings, you’ll see a Show Advanced Settings in on the top right hand side. Click it, go to Javascript options, make it optimize JS code and also tick Also aggregate inline JS. Clear the plugin’s cache and it should be fine.

Nope, been there, done that.

The JS needs to run through W3TC as AO breaks it using Sydney, and there’s no way I can add a ‘Follow Me’ box as it wipes out the website.

Just to show you - I’ll set it up exactly as you say for 20 mins and let you see.

Not sure what to say. I tested it with that option checked and it works fine with Sydney.
Here are my settings for Foogallery:

Dunno, it must be that there’s an ‘R’ in the month or something, but everything - even the ‘Follow Me’ buttons are working excellently now.

I’ll keep a close watch obviously, but consider this issue solved!