Errors in installing Airi in subdomains

Hello friends, I recently installed Airi in a subdomain of my website, but depending on how I type the address there are visual errors (icons, search engine, etc …).
It works well if I write:
It works badly if I write:
I have installed themes of other brands and that problem does not appear, I want to buy the “lifetime acces” version to make several websites but I am afraid of this problem.
How can I solve it?

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear the problem you’re having.

The only dominant difference is Font Awesome icons that don’t load. Web browser’s inspector tool displaying CORS issue like this.

It happens because your subdomain loads Font Awesome file from main domain.

As fas as I know, for security concerns, browsers only load fonts from the same domain by default. the solution for that are CORS headers to be served cross-domain therefore need to be “whitelisted” by adding the correct CORS headers. Refer to this post:

This is not theme’s code issue. You couldn’t fix it yourself, you could contact your web hosting’s support department. I believe they’d be happy to help. It’s not a complex task.