As i tried to upload the zip file of the pro version it came up with an error when i clicked upload… Here is the link


What exactly does the error say please?


actually i dont know if i uploaded it to the right place… How do i activate the pro version exactly?


Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New (from the top) > Upload theme (also from the top) > Select your zip file > install and activate it.


It comes up with an error when i went through those steps


No point in the link, I cannot see the error because I’m not logged in to your website.

Please make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at] and I’ll install it for you.


How would i make you an admin account from the cPannel? Go to FTP accounts and then what?


Not for the FTP, I meant an admin account for your WordPress instance.


oh okay. how do i make another admin account?


Log in on your website and you’ll see a Users tab on the left menu. Click Add New and be sure to change the role to Administrator.


alright just added you as an admin


Did u get it loaded yet?


The max upload for your server is limited to 2MB, I’ve installed a plugin to increase it. We need to wait a bit for the changes to take place. If your server doesn’t recognize the new upload size, then we’ll have to take the FTP route.

Basically, the theme is bigger than the size you are allowed to upload :slight_smile: Don’t worry, we’ll do it one way or the other.


Alright, it’s done.

I’m not sure if the max upload size increased or not, but I removed the header image from the zip file so I could make it smaller than added the image manually. You need to set your color again. Let me know if there’s anything.


Sweet! thank you very much!


I deleted you account? will that mess up the fact that you downloaded the pro version?


Nope, nothing will get messed up :slight_smile:


How do i put a header back on? I can’t upload one ever since you installed the pro version


Of course you can. As I said after I installed the pro version, I’ve uploaded the header image manually. You can upload your header from Customize > Header image.


The header image doesnt show… I clicked upload and wont show up