Error with xml file


First of all, what a great theme! Only I’ve got a problem. Already looked in support and found exactly the same issue but in another theme. I have this in Quill theme. What to do?

I am getting an error when trying to import the provided .xml-file with Types Version 1.6.2:

The Types settings were not fully imported because it contained unsecured data. You should re-export your Types settings using the latest version of Types
Types gives a hint:

This version of Types has improved security when importing Types settings. Types settings that were saved with the older version of Types may not import all the data. You should export new Types settings if needed.
Is there a new .xml-file for Quill available?

Thank you very much for your work!



I remember changing the xml for Quill too when Types got that security update. Are you not using this file?


I used that one this morning while I was using the laptop of a friend of mine. Can test it again at least on monday when my friend is at my place again with the laptop. Cause I only have an iPad and do not know how to download/upload a file (in this case a xml file) cause the ipad is only giving me the option to browse in photos. Is there an option I can use my app ‘EasyFTP Pro’ so i can test it right now again? Where to put that file exactly? Into folder plugin Types or in the subfolders? Well, maybe I’ll must be patient and figure it out on monday when i can use that laptop again.


You need to import the file straight into the plugin, so uploading it won’t help.

But you can try to copy the content of the xml file and paste it in the section below the uploader, where it says paste code here. I haven’t tried this route before but it should work.


Okay thanks, but unfortunately it isn’t working… Or it is not the system that is not working but maybe i am failing myself?! Sorry i am just an amateur…

When i am trying to copy the content, the following messages are given:
Error parsing the xml file
Start tag expected, ‘<’ not found
Data are not valid


I guess you didn’t copy it whole. Get it from here:


Oh wow that was a perfect solution! You made my day. Thank you so much!



I have had the same issue - i am quite the beginner so dont really understand what i do with the code in that link provided - if you could please provide some detail it would be greatly appreciated.