Error: too many redirects


Out of seemingly nowhere, my home/frontpage won’t load and gives me a too many redirects error. Can you help me with this?

My website is an

also, I’d like to know how to set my background image without it showing through the header at the beginning of the page load.

Many thanks!!

hello, just visiting your site and I don’t see any error in there. Did you already fix it?

and for the header, the theme only has 2 options:

  • display header image in all page.
  • display header image only in front page

you can set it from appearance > customize > header area

Hi Awan,

Thanks so much for your prompt reply! I was in fact able to resolve the redirect loop error.

Re: header and background images, I have been able to upload both a header image and a different background image. However, when I do so the background image shows in the header area for a second upon the initial loading of the page, but then is taken over by the header image quickly. Is this a glitch? Am I NOT supposed to be able to have both images applied at the same time?