Error on Import/Export Types

I’m trying to install the theme and when I try to import the settings file for Types I have those errors:

Error parsing XML
AttValue: " or ’ expected
attributes construct error
Couldn’t find end of Start Tag a line 166
Opening and ending tag mismatch: description line 166 and a
Opening and ending tag mismatch: field line 161 and description
Opening and ending tag mismatch: fields line 137 and field
Opening and ending tag mismatch: types line 2 and fields
Extra content at the end of the document

You did it like in the video from the documentation page?
It seems it still works fine.

I can’t choose a file to upload on Import Types data file, seems like it’s not available, not cliclable… So a copied the text to Import Types data text input. Is it not the same?

It is the same, you probably haven’t copied the content correctly. I made a pastebin for you, copy it from here please.

Thank you for the theme. Our site is and just like the previous poster, I’ve had errors when importing and installing both the settings file and the demo content file. In fact, the ‘browse’ button for the file upload isn’t clickable.
I’ve looked at the videos a few times as well as usng the code from the pastebin but the site still does not look as ‘complete’ as the demo site.
Is there any advice/suggestion/help you can provide?
Thanks and looking forward.


I think the import feature from the Types plugin doesn’t work on all hosting providers. Someone reported something similar some time ago. Obviously, it’s not something we can fix from the theme as it is not theme related. But send me an admin account at vlad[at] and I’ll see if I can import it for you, perhaps you missed something.

Any updates on this subject? I purchased Sydney Pro little less than an hour ago and I am having the same exact problem. Please advise!

I’m having the same problem and can’t figure out how to move forward. Have received no response in three days. How did you get it fixed?