Error on Import/Export Types also

Just wanted to post my email I sent you here just in case my email went to your spam folder. Thank you.

Hello Vlad,

I am running into the same issue as another poster on your form. My Types Plugin has a greyed-out button for importing. I have in turn tried
the copy-paste the bin you suggested to that poster, but I still have errors. (listed below)

Error parsing XML
Premature end of data in tag types line 2
Data not valid

Original poster and thread:

The website:

I also emailed you a admin and PW.

Thank you,

Indeed, the text pasting option isn’t working. Hopefully the guys that maintain the plugin will fix it.

I don’t know why the button is greyed out for some people, but I did a silly workaround on your site which happened to work.
In case anybody else needs it and is handy with Chrome dev tools or similar:

  • inspect the source;
  • locate the code for the Choose file button;
  • remove the disabled parameter;
  • use the newly enabled button and import the file.

Thank you for the support Vlad.

If we decide to go with the Pro upgrade, are we going to run into the same issue (and its fix) or is it more of an add-on and the current install will remain the same?

Thank you again,


You are probably going to run into it again if you import the settings file for the paid version. It’s something between your host and the Types plugin so it’s not really theme related. But the fix takes literally 2 seconds.