Error notices - moesia-masonry-portfolio plug in

I’m using the moesia-masonry-portfolio plug in. It’s great. Only I get these weird notice & warnings all the time on my dashboard:

Notice : Undefined index: disable /moesia-masonry-portfolio.php in /home1/vinnie/ /wp-updates-plugin.php on line 45

Warning : Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home1/vinnie/ /wp-updates-plugin.php:45) in /home1/vinnie/ on line 9

If I disable the plugin the notices go away, but the wonderful page I’ve built also disappears, so that’s not a solution. Any help with what to do to handle the problem without disabling the plug in?

Advice much appreciated.

Hello there,

The problem is specific to the plugin.

Where did you get the Disable plugin from? Can you share a link?

aThemes Support