Error Message when updating Types

I needed to do a re-install of SyndyPro. When trying to update the Types plugin - I get the message "Types cannont update because your site’s registration is not valid. Please register Toolset again for this site first.

I never purchased Toolset. Please help.

That’s strange. As you’ve probably noticed Toolset has nothing to do with the theme nor is it needed. Can you send me an admin account to vlad[at] so I can have a look? Though if something is wrong with the plugin then this will have to be asked on the Types support forum.

Hello Vlad, same error here. It looks like types is included in the demo install and creates a large part of the different custom categories like projects, clients, testimonials etc. I assume athemes bought a license for it to create the demo content and is included as part of the demo install. Not sure if any of this may need to be changed to custom code to avoid having hundreds of users downloading the demo content and using your licenses to make the customer areas.


There is no paid license for Types. Types is free and available on the WordPress repository. And we don’t build the demo content with it, all it does is register the Custom Post Types - it doesn’t hold any of your data, that’s in your database.

Anyway, just checked their forums and it seems it’s a bug:

What I did to go around this bug was to download the latest version, delete the plugin in /wp-content/plugins/types and then upload the new version manually. Or you can wait until they fix it, it’s not like it was a security update.

awesome find Vlad! Thanks for the info!