Error message: revslider css


Revolution Slider Error:fetch - Table ‘rephrase_se.wp_rephrase_se_revslider_css’ doesn’t exist

Query: select * from wp_rephrase_se_revslider_css where handle = ‘.tp-caption.medium_grey’

What do I do about this anyone?

Thanx Ruud



Where exactly do you see this error? What are you trying to do when the error shows?


Hi Vlad,

The message shows up when I am trying to activate the revolution slider in the wp panel.

When I open the wp admin panel (dashboard) a message states that I have installed revolution slider and that it is recommended to activate the plugin. When I click activate the error message appears…




That’s strange. We’ve been bundling Revolution Slider with the theme for about a month now without issues.

Looking at the error it seems that you have some database issues. Are you able to perform a database repair from your cPanel?

Also, can you confirm that you installed Revolution Slider from the theme and that you didn’t have your own previous copy?


I received the confirmation mail with the link on my ipad and forwarded that to my macbook air. From there I uploaded to wp. ( strangely the confirmation mail got only to my ipad. The PayPal note arrived on both ipad and laptop…

I do not know howto crepair so I guess I’m forced to reinstall the complete package. Somewhere there is damage done to the file…transfer of the mail?


I don’t think reinstalling would fix it. But try it and see how it goes.

The files are most likely not damaged, the issue is with the database. That’s why I asked you if you had a previous version of Revolution Slider installed on your site, or if the first time you installed it was after you installed Moesia Pro.

If it doesn’t work make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at] and I’ll have a look too.