Error after update

I just did the Sydney update, and now I have a white space at the top of my site before the image slider and menu. How do I make it look like it did before the update?


Hi there,

I’m actually having a bigger problem than I thought. Anytime I make any sort of edit right now to my site I get blank pages with an “I” at the top left corner and thats it.

Please advise as soon as possible.

Im sorry for the trouble.

Thank you!


Please post a link to your website, so we can check.

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Hi! Thank you for your response!

I ended up replacing my child themes with the original child theme downloads and the functions.php with the original and that got it all back up and running.

The only thing that seems that was effected now is that the top overlay that moves when you scroll down is only now doing this action on the home page and not my other pages anymore. And it also is jumpy when you roll down, its not a smooth move like it previously was.

My site is

Thanks so much in advance!!