Error after SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle update

Dear support team,

One of the main Sydney plugins (SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle) caused a bizarre error after their 1.15.6 or 1.15.5 updates (not sure which of them caused the error).

I was not able to solve it by merely deactivating the plugin, as it seems to be one of the core plugins on Sydney.

For now, the solution I found was installing “WP Rollback” plugin. I used it to get back to SiteOrigin’s 1.15.4 version. It worked, but please take a look at this issue. This is how my site became after the SiteOrigin latest update:

Kind regards,

Eky Barradas

Hello Eky,

I have SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle 1.15.6 currently installed on my local Sydney test site, and the site looks okay. Did you try to deactivate all plugins except recommended after the update?

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support