Enter key / Submit button

Hi there, I have installed a mailchimp plugin (ChimpMate Pro) in my site iparkbrasil.com, but I’m facing a problem with the theme.

Whenever the user fills his email in the form and press the ENTER key (or “Go” on mobile), the website gets reloaded, instead of submitting the Button like it should.

The problem is that I have 2 forms with a submit button, so the theme is probably getting confused about which one to Submit whenever the Enter key is pressed.

So my question is, how do I disable the “Enter” key and the “Go” button from mobiles?

PS: signing up by clicking the button works fine, so no problem just to inactivate the Key.



I’m curious, is there any indication that the problem is caused by the theme?
You could use this custom CSS to hide the buttons:

.wpmchimpa-subsi {
    display: none;