Enlarge the space between paragraphs


Sometimes I typed a lot, and I pressed enter to start a new paragraph. The space can be displayed normally in editing mode. But once I published it, the space is gone and all the stuff merge together. Are there any ways to set a constant value of the space between paragraphs?

Thank you!



There is a margin after paragraphs. Can I see the page where this is happening?

Sure, no problem.

This is where it is.


It’s in Chinese.

I used different ways to change the space. Yet the performance is not satisfied. Some of the spaces are seemly 3 lines but only one empty line exist. It would be better to uniform all the space into a same length.

Thanks again for your help!


You probably copied the text from somewhere and you got the formatting from there. You mostly have divs there, not paragraphs. You need to edit your page and erase formatting, then simply tap enter after each paragraph to add the spacing.

By the way, the margin bottom for the paragraphs is 10px, if you would like to change it you need to add this to a custom CSS plugin:

p {
   margin-bottom: 10px; /*Change 10px to your value*/

Oh, you are right. I typed them in evernote first and then pasted into WP editor.

Well, I reformatted the article and it worked well.

Thank you!